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Vertebral column performs support function, and - protection function of the spinal cord, taking part in different movements torso and skull human. He is vital value for existence an excellent health – but offset, usually can cause to a number of disorders health, from constant head pain to degenerative changes bone tissues. Our bookmarked developing an innovative methods getting rid of the disease.

Atlas — first cervical element of all vertebrates, including human. Vertebra has the structure, a great from other cervical vertebrae, in part in moving connection with skull. In the early 1900s, Dr. Palmer discovered that the bone Atlas top spine is responsible, as for location head, so for the regular position of the spine. consequently appeared method Atlas Orthogonal – tech treatment of spinal special attention to according to essential to life Atlas.

This method was revolutionized in 1982 by an outstanding professionals in spine doctor Afterwards. In contrast from regular adjustment, that requires painful manipulation and pressure rendered at the hands of doctors, the method Atlas Orthogonal regulates Atlanta using the percussion-sound tools. It is not dangerous and painless. Specialists worked on creation of the improved shock tool by the method AO and SOFTWARE x-ray vector. Equipment today is in the seventh generation, its shock processing is more efficient than ever.

over time throughout the world millions of people can get significant benefit from a mild getting rid of spine method Atlas Orthogonal. Now he realized in five colleges in the States and being practice in six countries on the planet. Physicians: many specialties refer their patients to Atlas orthopedists. As a result: optimal healing masses according to technology AO!