What is the first music in life everyone your baby? Sure, lullaby! Quiet and calming songs help the infant to fall asleep, provide sense of comfort and security additionally introduced to vast, unfamiliar world, which child surrounds. A listen remotely or pour yourself this fascinating music you have the opportunity on our platform - christian lullabies .

Since old times mom sang lullaby loved offspring, so children and parents found durable relationship with each other, which will take throughout the many years. In each the world there are your national lullaby. They reflect history and traditions specific peoples. But is what unites absolutely all lullabies, both old and current. They are filled with maternal love, protection and devotion. Toddlers feel it, even if they don't know words.

On our web site we collected the big collection of lullabies melodies that you can pour yourself or the to hear online, and the that completely for free and without. Here you will find albums old and modern lullabies, audio-stories, melodies and poems, classical music for kids and other curious suggestions for you and your baby.

With us, your baby quickly calms down, good sleeps at night and gives joy and good mood to your dad and mom. Children fall asleep to lullabies become more calm and restrained than those who go to sleep to sounds TV or street noises.

moreover lullaby songs give the child knowledge of the world, the nature, animals and other beings. Therefore the baby is not afraid of the world and seeks friends, not villains around.

the Kid is learning not only just hear and to listen. His ability to concentrate increases, thinking becomes more conscious, and speech develops faster.

Lullabies are the optimal solution for those kids who don't want to fall asleep. Calm tunes with simple motives will calm even the most active babies and will give them a deep, healthy sleep. A lullaby with words helps to remember first words to increase their horizons. Listen to these lovely lullaby for kids together with your toddler on our online!