Despite on modern development the Internet and changed approach to location of music the Internet, music label still it seems is almost the only competent and quality method to show your piece the listeners. But, what includes the independent grade? - Drum & Bass radio large team allies, which affected the thought to create a strong extensive dnb-movement in Russian Federation that don't have lost if by the quality other labels in various continents. Different people United independent drum and bass aesthetics. We constantly open to distribute music around the light and world wide web in around the clock.

However record company is organization, working in the music sphere. Key activities is to the conclusion contracts authors and promotion and also production record and the offer ringtones. by Itself the sizes of music labels vary. There are like moderate size recording studios, controlled a couple of participants and Grand companies, employing 1000 employees. According to information magazine Billboard, on the planet operates over 2 000 registered music labels. And number small studios even more.

Music business immense. Successful songs fly multimillion numbers bringing in studios billions in profits. And the more difficult was entering into major music label, the better developing independent the record company. to Organize your label might be, is easy to much more difficult to advance. Search promising creative people, record tracks, develop concepts promotion and marketing strategies, and more contact with representatives of media. However at any time ready to meet their authors and do possible and impossible, in order optimal to bring them music to wide audience!