Viagra Generika

That is generika in medicine? This medication medicines, including chemical — active pharmaceutical ingredients, that adequate to patented firm-author initial drug. simply speaking, in fact its is medicinal medicines, which have the same formula active substances, medical form and efficiency, how and initial medicines, but not having patent. They differ from the original product for composition supplementary substances and circulate on the market in the end of time exercise of patent protection the original medications. for example, sildenafil - multi-compound chemical active compound for increase potency. Most advertised name under which manufactured. But if you needed generic drugs Viagra it is you came in for the proper location. Waiting on you to our portal Here you always have the opportunity 69 viagra apotheke and more.

Interesting that cost on them significantly less than the original drugs, with remedies is practically does not differ from the prototypes on efficiency and security, and are manufactured in severe in compliance with established regulations and standards of quality. The use of generic drug is enormous mediko-social meaning, because makes high-quality treatment available for all layers of the population. For example, in America at the moment over 60 percent of all prescribed medicines drugs make up generics. Similar statistics observed and States Western Europe: Germany, Austria, Sweden and the like.

Extensive applying generic drugs allows the the maximum intelligently to plan national budget earmarked to target health and accordingly, to create financial provision to pay for expensive medical products treatments and service. In turn, price competition manufacturers generics pushes innovative production to creation high-tech, more modern drugs and methods treatment.